on all acrylics, or will be given two 1/4 oz jars

  • The Rock Star mixes are ready to use.
    All are already mixed with acrylic
    unless otherwise noted
  • Sample Size - 3/4 tsp. Contact for WHOLESALE
  • Clear/Pink | Glitter | Solid Shimmer Colors | Glow in the Dark

    10 samples of any color for $10.
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    32 oz only $59.99
    Made is USA. MMA FREE!
    SPECIAL $49.99


    Glitter me pink, Pink Martini

    Barbie Pink

    Dazzle Me

    "Strawberry 'n cream"
    Strawberry 'n cream

    Cupcake & Sprinkles

    clear acrylic

    Frost yourself

    Glitter Mixes

    The Grey Collection

    Inspired By the books Fifty Shades of Grey

    ***Mr. Grey***

    ***We aim to please***

    ***Fifty shades***


    ***The Grey's Wedding***
    **inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey**
    7g baggies
    The Grey Collection

    Let me see your peacock
    Pixie Pink
    Royal Stars

    Monster Mash

    Purple Rain

    Blacklight Party

    World of Color

    Vintage Blue

    Vintage Green

    Genies Jeweler

    Rave It Up


    Barbie Overdose

    Day Walker- Magenta

    Unicorn Tears

    Pinky Promise

    Wild Nellie

    Viva Las Vegas


    Star Struck

    Ooh Baby!

    Sun burst

    Nail candy

    Summers lining

    bella luna

    Bri's bling

    Drop of Jupiter

    Perfect pixie

    Santanas black magic
    Teal Tomorrow, My Love


    Mermaid Dreams

    Royal Court
    The Kings Jewels,My Prince Charming,
    The Princesses secret, The Jester,
    The Queens request

    purple vixen



    Heart Attack, Berry Scumptious

    sparkle me blue

    New Orleans style

    Lemon Kiss

    to hot for you!

    Dreams of purple

    alotta pink

    black diamond

    bloody heart

    blue dance

    blue slipper

    blue vegas

    Grape Expectations


    candy Bubble gum

    Candy drop

    candy lime

    candy Pop

    cotton candy

    dark knight


    fairy breath

    falling heart


    Gold Digger

    hocus pocus

    Irish Spring

    Dippin' Dots

    to the KYLER

    what mermaids want

    lucky turtle

    mermaid madness

    mid summers night dream

    neon purple stars

    purple passion

    Cotton candy Lullaby

    Pink Confetti

    purple haze

    red hot

    red vegas

    shooting stars

    Simply girly

    Hot mess

    star dance

    star light

    starry night

    sugar plum

    sweet dreams


    the rock star

    Everything but the...

    Pretty Hollywood

    Punk Rock

    Star Fire

    The Black Spark

    two lovers


    Broken Heart

    Diamonds in the rough

    Every fairies dream

    Pink party

    Neon colors


    Solid Shimmer Colors

    Bubble Gum shimmer

    Deep purple shimmer

    Peacock Blue

    Call me Lola


    True Blue

    Green apple

    Pink cotton

    Sunburst Shimmer

    Glow In The Dark

    Orane day glow

    Pink surprise

    Blue glow
    Blue day glow

    Green glow

    Aqua Glow

    Super Nova

    purple day glow
    All photos shown enlarged mixes without acrylic for illustration purposes. Purchased mixes will include acrylic at no extra charge. Ready for application. Mixes are subject to change due to what supplies are available. Photos will reflect what is being sold at that time. Photos are enlarged to show details.The Rock Star Nails is an actual registered trademark, if anyone is found to have pictures from our site without consent your breaking a copyright law and action will be taken against you.*